Friday, December 25, 2009

New Years Resoulutions!

So I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I sure did with lots of family on both sides and Santa was good to us this year. We got lots of good gifts and it was a nice enjoyable time. We got a awesome new grill which will be very nice this summer. We also got a new camera and the husband got me an Ipod Touch which ROCKS! Now that the holidays are over its back to the grind. I start working 2 jobs Jan 2 which means every weekend will be booked but the extra money will be nice. It will be an extra 200 a month for me which will help a lot. I will work nights at my main job and 2pm to 10pm on the opposite weekends. It will suck flipping schedules but I will handle it for awhile for the money and to get stocked back up. Husband will have all credit card paid off next month so we should be set to buy a house early 2010! I am excited for that process as well as nervous. I am ready to move though we have out grown this place and its time to move. It has been good for us the last 6 years but it’s time for an upgrade.
This new year we have a few goals as a couple and I have a few of my own. The first goal is to stop chewing my nails. If anyone knows me I have done this for years! This will be very hard but I will try my best. Second is to start working out with the husband. We are going to renew our YMCA membership to achieve that goal. And 3rd is to Buy a House =) Lets hope all our goals happen and by next year we will have a new set of goals. Well that is all for now enjoy the holidays and Stay safe =)