Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What is life? I mean really everyone says they want to live and be happy but what is that. We always seem to have things causing us to be brought down. Everyone one time or another find them self asking this question. No matter how hard you try to stay happy it does not always happen. We strive our whole life for happiness and to be wanted and then its crushed. I am happy in many aspects of my life and others I wish I could change. I have tried to change my thinking and have hoped that happiness would come at some point and it has sometimes. My husband and me are happy and we live comfortable but by no means are we living like we are rich or anything. He strives to keep me happy and try to keep him happy. We have a simple life in a small apartment with our animals and no kids and we are happy. We want a house and hopefully that dream will come true next year but for now we are OK with what we have. We never take for granted what we have for one second. If we did where would we end up. I hope everyone is happy in life even if it comes and go to experience it is great. I am not always happy but I hope one day I will be and that's what matters that at some point we get there. Are you happy in life? Do you live life like it could be your last day on earth? Sometimes I wish I did but hey now is a good time to change right?