Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cell Phone Bill!

YIKES I went over the mins on accident and I have never done that. Have you ever done that? I was in shock when I got the bill and it was 300 bucks. I had a lot going on this month and we dont have a home phone. So I used my phone not realizing that I went over the minutes. Its ok its something we deal with and move on. Husband has never been one to worry and he just said in his always calm voice just watch it next time. I love that about my husband he is always so kind and never yells. He is the most relaxed guy that I have known. Compared to my dad who is not a horrible person just has a horrible temper I was not used to such the calm ways of my husband. I still have that fear if I do something wrong that I will be yelled at that I get this pit in my stomach. After last night of tell my husband I realized that its ok to make a mistake because he will always be there no matter what. Tell him and then his reaction brought such peace to me and our relationship. Do you have any certain way that you deal with mistakes in your relationship that works? To my Husband you are the best and I love you more than you may know.


Leah said...

What cell company do you have? Some companies have a program where you can add people on different networks. Like Verizon has My Circle, T-Mobile has Fave Five, and AT&T has The A-List. That's where you can add whoever you use your most minutes on and talk to them 'minute free' LOL

Cortney Heath said...

We have verizon and yea you have to have a plan that is 1400 mins or more we have a 700 min plan right now but that might go up lol. 20 bucks is much cheaper than the 120 I racked up.