Sunday, December 6, 2009

Growing Up in the Sports World

If you are like me you love football. I love football to the point when its on I don't move all day. Personally I love all sports when they are on but the football season is the best. I grew up watching football and playing sports. I was more of a tom boy you could say playing little league, basketball and softball. My husband on the other hand was in swim. I never got into swim though he said he really enjoyed it I found my happiness out with the boys or girls in the more physical sports. I miss those days and love to watch kids playing these sports. Personally I should of continued in HS but I lazy and became more a kid that went to school and came home. I didn't have many friends and to this day I really don't have that many. My husband has lots of friends but me not so much.

Why may you ask I don't really know. I guess you could say I was more a person who don't trust people very easy so its hard for people to see my true side. Once you know me you know I am loyal and trustworthy. You can count on me for anything but it takes awhile for me to trust you and allow you to see the true me. I will always be honest to you and will give you the truth but it takes a long while to get there. So for everyone stick with me you will see who I am by the end of this.

Who is your fav team? What did you play growing up? What do your kids enjoy playing now?