Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Need your Support

I belong to a board of wonderful ladies and one of the wonderful ladies and her family are working on adopting two beautiful girls but they need our help. They need the help to secure the girls and I am asking for your help. I ask that you go to the link below and read about the girls, this family and if you can donate please do. This family is wonderful and are taking on a huge task one that I know they will be great at. 100% of all donations will go directly to the adoption of these girls. Please if you can help in anyway please do. Thank you in advance for your help =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy, Work, Sleep, Sick!

I have been very busy recently. First of all I was sick for the last two weeks. I had strep last week then the antibiotic was not working went back and they said I had bronchitis. I am currently on 3 meds (an antibiotic, inhaler and steroids) and today I feel the best I have in over 2 weeks. I came home cleaned my whole house had a birthday party for a friend (ice cream cake and pizza and cards) It was lots of fun.
From now till Feb 19th I have like 4 days off. Its ok I really need the money right now. It will be nice to stock some money and maybe go on vacation this summer. I will be working over full time for the first time in probley 4 years but I will be fine when I see that pay check.
You may be wondering how we pay our bills with me not working as much but my husband has a great job and he handles the bills well. The only one he wont pay is my student loans which is fine I can handle that.
Tonight is a low key night in our house the husband is still sleeping I am going to start dinner and we are going to watch hangover which I heard is very good. I hope you guys are all doing well. I will post again soon but who knows when with my schedule lol.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where

Have I been! Drowning in this JUNK that is in this house. But fear no more it is almost gone and I can breath again. That's right my husband decided that it was time we did a little house cleaning (getting rid of junk my house is always clean) We got rid of old magazines, a high chair, books, old dishes, pots and pans and I must say the apartment is much nicer. We still have 2 closets to clean out a bed to move and a few things to put up but overall the place looks and feels nice. The in laws came and got a lot of the junk and either gave it away or dropped it at the dump. We rearranged our bedroom which I must say I love. It seems like a nice change and I can even display my Eeyore collection.

Did I ever mention my husbands family loves collecting things and well I kinda got hook on too. I collect Eeyore stuff no matter what its is and I have lots of it thanks to the in laws and my mom Thanks guys =) My husband collects Simpson's stuff and He-Man things. My mom collects Raggedy Ann and Andy things. My father in law things made out of metal and old keys. My Sister in law Superman stuff. And my Mother in law Smiley Face stuff and Boy if you had a chance to see her room WOW. Yes she has a whole room of smiley stuff from floor to ceiling and every inch of the room is packed full. Its Awesome and I will have to see if she can get me a picture of it. An undated photo that is. So yes this junk is going and we can breath again!

And After 7 years we finally have begun to hang more things on the walls for display and it looks very nice. So Between 2 jobs, being sick (strep throat 2nd time in 2 months) and Cleaning I sure have been busy.

What collections do you have?

Friday, January 8, 2010


Its freezing here in wisconsin and does not look like its going to warm up anytime soon. I am now working 2 jobs so my time off is limited but the money is nice. We are in the process of moving things around the apartment and getting rid of stuff we dont use. We are getting a king bed tomorrow from a family member and it will be nice to have a big bed. This means we have to move stuff out of our bedroom to make room but once thats done it will be nice. So tomorrow in the freezing temps lol we will be moving stuff and hauling the bed here. I am headed to my sister in laws soon to hang out for the night which should be fun. I look forward to getting out of the house and enjoying my night. We will probley go out to eat and just hang out with the kids fun times. Stay warm and have a good week =)