Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy, Work, Sleep, Sick!

I have been very busy recently. First of all I was sick for the last two weeks. I had strep last week then the antibiotic was not working went back and they said I had bronchitis. I am currently on 3 meds (an antibiotic, inhaler and steroids) and today I feel the best I have in over 2 weeks. I came home cleaned my whole house had a birthday party for a friend (ice cream cake and pizza and cards) It was lots of fun.
From now till Feb 19th I have like 4 days off. Its ok I really need the money right now. It will be nice to stock some money and maybe go on vacation this summer. I will be working over full time for the first time in probley 4 years but I will be fine when I see that pay check.
You may be wondering how we pay our bills with me not working as much but my husband has a great job and he handles the bills well. The only one he wont pay is my student loans which is fine I can handle that.
Tonight is a low key night in our house the husband is still sleeping I am going to start dinner and we are going to watch hangover which I heard is very good. I hope you guys are all doing well. I will post again soon but who knows when with my schedule lol.